Car Long term rental in HCM City

Benefit of Car Long Term Rental:

  • Convenient monthly payment. 24-hour breakdown service with free assistance.
    There is no need to return or renewal of contract duration.
  • Suitable for the companies who have foreigner employees that works on their long-term assignments, term or projects.
  • Suitable for the companies who have employees they need to rent a car for their business during the time they decide to buy or rent their car.
  • Suitable for the companies who have employees that works on long-term and need to move with a fixed route from City to factory and vice-versa.
  • Long term rental is suited for people who need a car until their car is delivered which can take months sometimes.
  • Long term rental is perfected for people who like to use the newer cars most of the time. It means they can change the rented car for every one, two, three years or more. They do not worry how to sale when it is old.
  • Long term car rental rates are lower than rates charged for daily or weekly rentals.There’s no need to worry about planning your date of return.Insurance of third party – compulsory by the government.

Our car long term rental rate (will be changed without noted)

General Conditions:

  • All rates are quoted in USD and inclusive of  insurance, expenses of fuel, allowance for driver. Exclusive of toll fees, parking fee
  • Daily service time: from 8:00 to 17:00. Overtime will be charged as following: 10-39 mins charged 1/2 hour. 40-60 mins charged 01 hour.
  • All rates will be changed when gas price is increasing over 10%
  • Experienced and English Speaking driver.
  • Exclusive of VAT, toll fee, parking fee

Draft of Car rental contract

Booking by:

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  • Phone : +84 964 058 978 
  • WhatsApp/ Line/ WeChat: +84 964 058 978
  • Viber: +84 931 830 870
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